If you want to store any kind of physical item, a space saving, reliable and efficient storage and retrieval solution can reduce man hours and storage costs – whether operated automatically or by hand. All our vertical lift, vertical carousel and horizontal carousel systems work on the ‘goods to person’ principle, reducing waiting and walking times significantly.

We assist you in managing the vast quantities of documents received as a result of the “information explosion”. As a fully integrated technology supplier we provide solutions to merge both physical and digital data; leading to impressive savings in space, productivity & accuracy. Our extensive range of document management solutions and products allows you to focus on your business, not on the documents.

Your Benefit

Floor space savings

Kardex Solutions will save you 50% plus on floor space when compared to conventional manual filing products


The Karex Filing Units are available in a wide range of colours and finishes complementing any interior design

Fire Protection and security

Each unit can be fully fire protected using a gas drench system. Access can be controlled via PIN, swipe card, electronic locks or higher security keys

Ease of retrieval

No more walking, climbing ladders, bending and stretching to retrieve files. We estimate that staff can become 40% more productive. It also helps disabled employees to do a broader range of office functions. Wheelchair access is easy to accommodate

Featured Products

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Times Two

Redefining Space

The Kardex Remstar Times Two is a double sided rotating document filing system which can save substantially on floor space.The inner cube revolves within an outer shell enabling users to access both the front and back of the unit whilst only having the one fixed access area.


Mobile Shelving

High Density Office Storage

Mobile Shelving is the ideal office storage solution for your less active and archival filing requirements. It is an ideal solution where space efficiency is of prime importance.Kardex mobile shelving can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any document, by choosing from a wide range of fittings and accessories.The systems is operated by an ergonomically designed hand wheel which enable the movement of heavy loads with the minimum effort.

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Saving Space, boosting Productivity

The Kardex RemstarLektriever is a software controlled carousel system designed for storing and retrieving files, documents, binders, multimedia and office supplies.Its compact design maximizes floor space while providing easy accessibility to stored items for all users. An optional electric work counter allows users to work at their optimum height.It can be operated in a stand-alone mode or networked to your IT systems. It is as easy to operate as a printer, simply click on the requested file or media type and the Lektriever will search, select and retrieve the requested item.