Whether at home or at work: everyone needs to protect themselves from data misuse. Sensitive documents end up in the trash far too quickly, digital data media is disposed of quite carelessly.

Yet with the rising rate of identity theft, we need to be extremely careful with personal data. Shredding in-house controlsthe handling and destruction of your sensitive documents and media, reducing exposure to external forces and increasing regulatory compliance.

HSM quality paper shredders offer the first line of defense when it comes to document security and paper privacy in the home and business workplace. With over 27 diverse models ranging from personal, medium to heavy duty and high security models available in straight cut and cross cut.


The Hard Core

All HSM shredders have a unique “hard core”. They are equipped with specially hardened full steel rollers which operate practically wear-free and are unaffected even by paper clips.

More performance - less friction

The HSM strip-cut paper shredders only use their power during shredding when it is really needed. Sophisticated technology and high precision almost completely avoid friction losses. Less friction means higher performance, less wear and lower energy consumption.

Benefits of shredding with HSM